With all my heart, I want to thank you for the help and patience. You have been a blessing for us. Hopefully, we will get relief. All my best to you & Stephen. He helped a lot too! Your help was worth much more than this, believe me.
Kathie H.

My mother passed away in October of 2016. I just wanted to Thank you for all your help when getting VA benefits so my mother could enjoy her last years of her life as pleasant as possible. You do a great service for a lot of people. Whenever I was confused during the process, you were always there to help.
Linda F.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with the VA processing. It took several months (as expected), but I pleasantly surprised that we did not have to go back and forth with several iterations. The approval came in today. So again, thanks for your patience and help. I appreciate all your input.
Thank you,
Kurt E.

My mother got approved. Thank you so much for your information. Your guidance helped us get all the information together. And from application to approval was less than 4 months.
Rita M.
Thank you very much for your assistance with my father’s intent to file documents. We greatly appreciate you and your organization.
Lee D.

I just wanted to also thank you for your service and help to these Veteran’s! Because of your help, my friend now has money to have a care giver. His health has improved so much since he’s gotten help! He is coherent now, loves to play board games and has the ability to get to the doctor when he need to! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Lisa F.
On behalf of Ruth E. Hall, Ray Eichel and I would like to thank you for your assistance with the VA surviving spouse benefits application process. We are pleased to report that Ruth’s benefits recently commenced. Your advice and assistance with the process was invaluable. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Please accept the enclosed donation and our sincere thanks.
Sheena M.

Yes, I’m finally getting around to sending you my donation! Thanks again for your guidance & support with the VA death pension process for my lovely mom. I would have been a “basket case” without your help.
Marsha S.

You might not remember because it’s been several years now (time flies). You helped me get my mom VA funds. They were not available for her. But you were so kind. I never forgot this, I said someday I would send something to help your organization. It’s been on my desk for years. Now I can send this small check to you. It’s not much but I follow thru no matter what. It has been on my mind for 3 years.
Thank you again,
With love Carol K.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. PSALM 23.1 This verse was a favorite for my Mom and seemed to fit with the spirit of this gift. My mom was able to live as a window for 30 years without “want”. There were many ways that the Lord provided and one was through the help of Veterans Angels to provide support for her later years in assisted living. She passed away October 7th with just enough left in her bank account to allow my sister and me to thank those who helped Mom in a tangible way. Thank you for honoring the service and sacrifice of our veterans by providing assistance to them and their families.
With gratitude,
Bryan M.

Thank you soooo much for all the help you give our veterans and their families. You are the difference maker – the difference between them receiving the care they need or settling for less than they deserve.
Elaine L.
Family Advisor with Caring.com and District 5450 Paul Harris Society Chair (The Rotary International Foundation)

Please find enclosed our donation to Veterans Angels. We also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how very much help and assistance was appreciated throughout our VA Aid and Attendance application process. Your help was paramount to our success, we are certain! This monthly payment from the VA ensures that my Mom and Dad will be able to live in a dignified and safe environment, which is also close in location to me and my family, allowing us to visit and take care of them on a regular basis, as should be. Thank you again, you truly are Angels!
Kelly M and Peter L.

To all the VetAngels. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the assistance and guidance you have provided us. We so much appreciate your dedication in helping others, especially our Vets. We could not have done it without the VetAngels.
Dianne and Earl N.

I am enclosing this letter and a check for $150 with a copy of my father’s application. I had heard of these benefits from the Pima Council on Aging in Tucson, AZ, but only investigated them as my father began to approach spending all of his assets. I had mixed success finding knowledgeable people in a reasonable distance to help with this application process. I found your website and have used it to complete the application. This service you perform for veterans and families is extremely valuable. It certainly would have been very painful and frustrating to get the proper forms filled out well without your website. Again, thank you for your work.
Steve C.
We would like to thank you again for your advice for patient persistence in working with the Veterans Administration for eligible due our mother. She has started to receive the monthly payments. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Veterans Angels, Inc. that you and Stephen established to help Veteran family members. We have enclosed a donation for your organization and look forward to supporting you in the future. Again, thank you for all your advice, support, and guidance.
David and Pauline R.
Thank you all so much for all you do. Words can never express my gratitude.
Maria M.
I just wanted to again extend my thanks. Not only did I receive the letter from the VA notifying me of my request for benefits, but also approval and payment? All within 1 month. Whatever you did, it worked.
Thank you again. Matt D.
Please forgive for not getting back until now. As you know, I am sure…there are usually never enough hours in a day! I am so pleased that my patient did reach out to you.! It is such an amazing benefit. If it had not been for Marci telling me about it, my family would never have known & that includes both of my brothers who served during the Vietnam War. When I first told them about this, they just laughed at me and said there was no way it could be true! To say the least, they were quite impressed when that first month’s check came with all the back pay! All of you are doing God’s work for these mostly deserving of souls who gave so much so that all of us can live free. My entire family and those of all the folks you help are and will forever be, so very grateful for all you do.
God bless you. Debra M.
We want to thank you for all that you are doing to help our veterans. We are also grateful for the time that you have spent assisting us in making application for financial for our Dad’s care. We would like to make this $100 donation as well as a $21.00 recurring donation monthly.
Sincerely, Anne V.
I would like to thank you for your communications and assistance in helping me obtain the VA benefit for my Mom. It was greatly appreciated. All the best, Clete M.
On behalf of my Mom and me, “Thank You”! You have made this process much more manageable.
Thanks again, Steve W.
Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and future help. It is such a blessing to have people like you and your husband that dedicate so much of your time to deserving veterans. All of your help with my Mom’s claim is so very much appreciated.
Caroline B. p.s. I will go online and donate what we can for now and more as we can afford.
I am enclosing my check for the “21 Salute”. My thanks go out to you every day for what you have done for me. Makes my life happier!
Sincerely, Ellen S.
Enclosed is a check for $2000 as a donation to your wonderful organization for all that you did for us and my Mom.
Thank you so much. Joe B.
Enclosed please find a donation. Your organization helped us earlier this year with our VA paperwork. Words cannot express our gratitude. The income from the VA enables us to make sure that Bapa is cared for and gives him peace of mind.
Many, many thanks. Katie L.
I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel for the help and the dedication you’ve graciously given to my Mother. I can say with full confidence that I could not have done this without your help. Please accept this small offering so that you can continue helping veterans and their families. I’m not much of a praying man but I’ll always give a prayer for the good work you do.
Best, kindest regards, Bob and Mary W.
The VA claim for my husband was finally expedited and resolved. On behalf of myself and my family, we want to personally thank for your hard work. Please continue with your excellent endeavors.
Sincerely yours, Emma G.
Thank you again, with all my heart, for all you did to help. If there is a heaven, I’m sure he’s looking down on all of us and smiling.
Sincerely, Eileen S.
I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my Dad’s VA benefits. We received his approval today! It came faster than we expected and we are thrilled. This will ease the financial burden for my Dad and our family, and help him to live a more comfortable life in his elder years. We feel so blessed to have found Veterans Angels. We couldn’t have gotten through this process without you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Best wishes, Lenore S. and the Marini family
We would like to thank you for your assistance in preparing the paperwork for our father’s Veterans Aid and Attendance program application. You provided invaluable help, both by answering questions by phone and by checking and rechecking the application. We are greatly indebted to you for your knowledge and understanding of the process, your diligence in following thru with us until the application was prepared, and your commitment to help veterans. Thanks for helping and caring about our veterans. You have definitely made it possible for our father to happily live in a safe, caring environment. This would not have been possible without your assistance. We hope that the enclosed contribution will assist you in helping other veterans.
With great appreciation, Dale, Ross, Roxanne B. and Daniel G.
Please accept our donation in appreciation of the invaluable assistance provided to our family. Without the help of Veterans Angels, it is our firm belief that the VA benefits to which my father was entitled would not have been received within his life time. God Bless each of you and the Veterans Angels, Inc.
The Garris family

Please accept this small donation as a big thank you for all you do for veterans and their families. Your help with my mom so she can receive these benefits will never be forgotten. Words can’t describe how much your organization has helped my mom to live her last few years with dignity. Thank you again.
Maria M. and Mary E.
My mother, passed away Friday, June 20, 2014. Veterans Angels organization was solely responsible for Mother receiving widow’s benefits. My four year attempts for assistance from local and national political figures were totally unsuccessful.
Deborah B.
I feel like a Rock Star when I give people your information. Sometimes they cry because they need help so badly. You are awesome. Thank you for being there for our Veterans!
Susan W.
Dear Stephen and Linda, Thank You Very Much for everything you have done for my parents and everything you are doing for all of the other Veterans and their spouses. I cannot thank the two of you enough because your efforts have helped my parents immensely. They have been able to live in a very nice Assisted Living Facility, rather than some substandard environment that I do not even want to think about. I met both of you in 2008 and with your help and guidance, my parents were approved for the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit that year and started to receive their checks from the VA. Because of you, to date, my parents have received over $100,000 from the VA and as you know, this is a tax-free benefit! Because of your continued dedication to help Veterans and their spouses and the help you provided to my parents, Veterans Angels, Inc. is my Number One Charity.I have been donating to Veterans Angels, Inc. monthly and my intent is to continue donating monthly for as long as I am breathing. If you ever need a reference, please use me.
Sincerely, Robert C. Hilliard
I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel for the help and the dedication you’ve graciously given to my mother. I can say with full confidence that I could not have done this without your help. Please accept this small offering so that you can continue helping veterans and their families. I’m not much of a praying man but I’ll always give a prayer for the good work you do.
Best, most kindest regards, Bob W.
Veterans Angels-I cannot think of a more perfect moniker for Stephen and Linda Stone. I was made aware of the benefits available to my mother in 2006 by a different organization in Southern California. They said, that for the nominal fee of $900, I could be “walked through” the process of getting my mom her survivor benefits. There was no guarantee of receiving these benefits and the fee was non-refundable. I declined their “help” (more accurately, I could not afford it!). Their response was to immediately play the guilt card. How could I be so selfish? Didn’t I want my mother taken care of? To add more insult to injury, these predators contacted the administrator where my mother was staying and told them I refused their help, so the assisted living facility called me and asked why I was not taking advantage of the services available for my mom. They were unaware of the strong-arm tactics being used by this so-called advocate group. Fast-forward three years.My husband’s employer is relocating us to another state. I want to move mom with us, but there is no way we have the funds. I was told of the Veterans Angels organization. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. I was hostile. There was no way I was going to be subjected to that sort of treatment. I was not going to get my mom’s hopes up only to have to tell her we couldn’t afford to get her the help she needed. The counselor at “A Place for Mom” convinced me to give Veterans Angels a call, and thank God, I met Linda Stone. She listened, patiently endured my skepticism, and helped me get the maximum benefit available for mom. The monies received allowed us to move her, purchase new furniture for her own room (she no longer has to have a roommate!). Veterans Angels assistance is always a phone call away. If I have any questions, they are there. It is very comforting to know when you are dealing with the confusing paperwork and hurdles put before you by government agencies, that you have someone on your side that knows how to navigate the system. The cost for this service? Nothing.The benefit? Stephen and Linda take your hand and never let go.
Barbara C.
My stepfather received your services in 2010 when he needed to go into assisted living and did not have the funds to do so. Thanks to all your help, the benefit was granted and everything worked out beautifully. Thanks to you, he received much needed assistance from wonderful caregivers during his last year. It certainly made both our lives easier. You provide a wonderful service to those in need. Dad was in Hospice care the last few weeks of his life and we discussed how grateful we were to you. Of the few funds left over from his end of life care, he wanted to make sure we remembered you and your organization. Enclosed, you will find a check in the amount of $200 to help defer some of your expenses. I wish it could be more.
Sincerely, Constance S.
Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout the process. You guys truly are angels!
I would like you know that all your help in my application for pension help has been successful. I am sure that your aid was invaluable. I have received 3 checks and so I included a check for $63.00 and will follow monthly with a $21.00 check.
Thank you again for your help. Lawrence M.
Dear Linda, Leanne, and Karen, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness, patience, and loving assistance you all gave to me and my Father. It has been a privilege to care for him during the past 7 years, however with his health declining, I needed assistance to keep him home where he wants to be. Veterans Angels made all of that possible. With your help Dad started receiving the monthly pension last November and he just received the withheld amount dating back to his original start date. Please accept this small donation in appreciation for all you do. I plan on using the online form to make a recurring donation as well. Until we speak again, we will continue to refer everyone we can to Veterans Angels.
Sincerely, Robin B.
You were so kind to my Father and I in your assistance with his placement at Sunrise of Henderson. Dad’s brother just died, a Veteran himself. We would like to donate in his name.
Regards, Nancy S. and Robert K.
Thank you once again for all your help and support this past year. Your emails and phone calls were reassuring and informative. We appreaciate your guidance as we entered into the second year of my mother’s assistance and dealing with the necessary paperwork. Without your help, my mother would not be able to live her life in a loving and caring community that meets her needs and gives us peace of mind.
Warmly, Carol R. and Rod H.
This letter is written to express our sincere sense of gratitude and appreciation for your efforts. Without your guidance and assistance in navigating the VA documentary channels, we might never have sucessfully concluded our quest. For your help, we are truly grateful. We wish to say “thank you” and offer a contribution to your work & your wonderful organization. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Sincerely, Jim K.
Please let me extend my deepest appreciation to Doug B., he was of great help to me in knowing what all I needed to collect and how to fill out the paperwork properly. He is certainly an asset to your organization.
Thank you, H.M.E
Thank you for the information. I recently recommended Veterans Angels to a dear friend of mine and she has already been contacted. I am very grateful to your organization and will continue recommending my senior veterans who need assistance whenever I can.
Paul S
Just wanted to let you know we received the approval letter from the VA yesterday and the “back pay” is already in mom’s bank account! We really appreciate all your help in this process! FYI, the benefit amount has been increased since we originally applied with a cost of living raise. The benefit is now $1094. More good news!
Thanks so much. Victoria W.
This gift is in memory of Uncle Jim from our niece and her husband. Leanne, my daughter and I and our family thank you for all your wonderful help.
Sincerely, Marlon and Audrey L.
This donation is to honor my dear son on his 66th birthday. He served in Germany during the Vietnam era. He is a wonderful son to me. I thank all veterans of all wars and conflicts. I always offer my hand shake when I am fortunate to meet or see a veteran of our USA. God bless you for all your efforts and help to me too.
Love you all, Elizabeth G.
I just can’t thank you all enough for your help. You are the best!
Nancy K.
This is a simple thank you and donation for the work you did on behalf of my father. He is receiving his benefits and I don’t know what we would have done without your help.
Deborah C.
I am sending the enclosed check in memory of my brother who passed away on September 1, 2010. Thank you for your kindness to us.
Sincerely, Amelia A.
On behalf of my father, USAF veteran of Korea and Vietnam, please accept my thanks to your organization. I would especially like to thank Leanne. I attended her seminar in Vancouver, WA, without which I would never have even known about my father’s eligible benefits. She spent countless hours working for us and always answering my many questions, helping with the myriad of paperwork, and coaching me on forms and filings. Without her efforts I could never navigate the obstacles the VA puts in the path to receive the benefit. Please accept my contribution to your cause that you might continue to educate other veterans and help them in their efforts to live a full and independent life.
Robert M.
Enclosed is a check fo $120 for a one time donation. Thank you for your work with this program with the veterans. Without this VA money every month, I will be out in the streets with need. I pray the politicians don’t cut this program. God bless you both for your work for the veterans.
Sincerely, Debbie I.
You are Truly Angels! I’m in your debt and never forget How Important you are to so many…I will not forget.
Gil H.
We received notification on behalf of my Mom last Thursday from the VA! We feel most grateful and humbled as we’ll now not have to worry about Mom’s care in her remaining years! On behalf of our dearly beloved Father, he’ll now rest in peace knowing his beloved wife is secure!
Semper Fi! The Cresta Family
Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the effort and time you do to help people like me. I received my first check 10-18-2010. Enclosed is a check to help another family.
Greatfully Appreciated, Elaine B.
I want to thank you so very much for your help and advice with my father. The help I received from “Seattle Base” as well as from “The Stones” and staff was incredible and Dad has been awarded the max benefit. Thank you both so very much. I have enclosed the donation form and would like to make this a recurring monthly donation. I also promise to “spread the word” to others. Again, thank you all so much for all you have done. My father’s life is a little easier because of you.
Yours truly, Heather P.
I just wanted to let you know that I received notification from the VA today that my Mom’s pension was received. It’ll be retroactive to December 1, 2010. We should receive the first benefit payment in the next 15 days. Thank you and thank you Steve for your help. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief this is and how much my family appreciates your assistance with getting this benefit. Without this financial assistance, we would not have been able to provide my Mom with such a great place to live the rest of her days. She’s safe, warm and well taken care of. Atria is truly a blessing as are you and the organization that you’ve created. Thank you so very much.
Donna L.
Please find enclosed our donation to Veterans Angels, Inc. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for all the help you offered us while trying to apply for the “Aid and Attendance Special Pension” veterans program. Without your help and guidance I am sure we would have not succeeded. We are resting much better now that we know my father and mother are going to be able to stay in the assisted living residence that they need, and have grown to love. If you are ever at Atria Sunlake in Las Vegas, you will see my father’s picture proudly displayed on the wall along with all the other photos of the Veterans living at Atria. I am sure your organization has helped many of them receive the help they needed as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
David and Sandra L.
Dear Stephen and Angels Team: Our family is so grateful for the help you provided in organizing paperwork and analyzing arrangements to assist in setting up our mother, financially, to afford Assisted Living. In the past, even the local VA Director did not have the time to assist in obtaining the funds mother so desperately needed. Mother was always eligible; however, unless you know what you’re doing it is difficult to obtain them. She really needed to be in Assisted Living with her failing health. Now, we all breath a sigh of relief that everything is in place, thanks to “Angels” like you!
Warmest wishes,
Steve and Marie H.
I want to thank you for all the help and advice you gave us. You were my angel from heaven in doing the paperwork. Stanley is so happy that he is getting this help. God Bless You in the work you do for the Veterans. You are in our daily prayers.
Linda and Don O.
Stephen, Thank you for presenting at the Assisted Living Nurses Workshop this past Friday. I believe the value of your services will be in high demand in the Flagstaff area.
We are so grateful for the relationship that we have developed with you, and really look forward to an ongoing working relationship. Thanks for all you do.
truly yours,
I hope you know how much you’re appreciated. Thank you so much for helping fill out my sister Bernice’s papers. Without your help it could not have gotten done.
Thanks again.
Marlene C.
Thank you so much for all the help and advice you’ve given me in dealing with my uncle. You’re an amazing man with a heart of gold. If there’s ever a day I can do anything for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be there in a heartbeat.
God Bless. Sincerely,
Paula P.
Since Mom’s moneys had been running out, I had started looking into nursing homes that had a dementia unit and accepted Medicaid. It was heart breaking to think she was going to have to move from her sweet little apartment in the memory care unit of an assisted living to a more expensive (to the taxpayer) facility where she would have to share a room. With this increase in funds/income, her money should last her the rest of her life. Without her knowing it, you have enriched her life. Our family appreciates your knowledge and kindness in sharing it.
Marcia D.
Our family is so appreciative to you for your volunteer assistance to our Mother with regard to wartime widow’s benefit. Thank you so much for all your help. We really appreciate it so much. Your kindness was extraordinary. Love,
Sylvia K.
I apologize…I misplaced your phone number but had your fax number. I’m just writing to let you know that Mom’s Veteran’s benefits were approved and she received her first check a couple of days ago. I’d received a letter saying she was approved and a check would follow in the next few days. She got it the very next day. I want to thank you very much for all of your help. It’s a wonderful thing you do for these widows and widowers of veterans. This extra income will help Mom tremendously.
Cathy H.
You said you wanted to know if the VA ever resolved the Aid and Attendance request that we made. Three months ago they sent what seemed to be their final answer. They said he definitely did not qualify for A&A and all they would do is give him $123.00 per month pension for a 10% hearing loss. They did send him a check for a little over $800.00 retroactive pay for this pension. They kept sending notices that we hadn’t filled out the right form, or we had filled out the right form with the wrong information. Everytime we talked to someone at the VA office we would get different information. Needless to say my brother and I were ready to just give up on the whole thing and look into Medicaid. A month later (with no paperwork and no explanation) $24,000.00 was deposited to his account and he is now receiving $1,644.00 per month. This is a big relief for not only Dad, but for his children as well. Thank you for all your help. We were ready to give up several times out of sheer frustration, but I realized that this is SOP for the VA and they hope people will give up. Without the encouragement I received from you I would have quit long ago.
Brenda P
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your efforts and hard work in obtaining VA income for my mother. This will greatly help in her monthly expenses. Your dedication to the veterans and widows of our military family is to be commended.
Regards, Bob M.
Thank you for all of your help with the paperwork and phone calls to the VA. We just received our 1st check and back payment. I could not have done it without you.
Anita R. for my Mom
Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the time you devoted to helping us apply for my Dad’s Veterans benefits for my Mom. We had no idea any of this was available for her. Thanks to you, her stay in an Assisted Living/Alzheimer’s facility is guaranteed for quite a few more years than we could have been able to afford. We are forever grateful for your help.
Sincerely, Mike H.
What can I say to you two for the amazing work you’re doing to benefit the veterans of our wars and their widows? Thank you, thank you, thank you, as a mantra, isn’t even enough. God bless you,
Monica C. on behalf of Helen D. and the family
Just wanted to let you know that the A & A benefit for my father Thomas B. was approved. What a relief to know that he will be getting help with his living costs and will be able to afford the care that he requires. I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this process, which only took 3 months to get approved. Thank you both again for the information and assistance. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Linda W.
I’m so grateful you came into mine and my mother’s lives.
Judith H.
Thanks so much for all the help you have given us. If Katie were able she would also express her appreciation of all your hard work and loyalty to the Veterans of the United States Military.
Sincerely, Don B.
We can’t say Thank You enough for taking the time to help Tony and Lucy. I remember I read an article that described you as an Angel. I really understand why, as you were there for our Family. We will always be grateful for your help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Amico Family
With great pleasure, I call upon and you are so sincere in producing. I do thank you so much. It’s a great relief knowing this benefit continues to help our financial situation, especially now with my wife in permanent skilled nursing care. May this donation help the Veterans Angels in their worthy endeavors – and with your help – they are fortunate.
Sincerely, Sam L.
I want to thank you so very much for your help and advice with my father. The help I received from all of you, Jackie and the Stones was incredible and Dad seems to have been awarded the maximum benefit. I have enclosed the donation form and would like to make this a recurring monthly donation. I also promise to spread the word to others. Again, thank you all so much for all you have done. My father’s life is a little easier because of you.
Yours Truly, Heather and Ronald
Enclosed is the paperwork that you had requested. If you need any more information, please give me a call. By the way, thank you for all that you are doing for our veterans and their families. I know that it’s a lot of work on your end and I just wanted to let you know that your efforts and patience are greatly appreciated.
With a Smile, Brandy
The enclosed check is a heartfelt”Thank You” from my Mom for all you did to secure her financial health. My Dad would stand and shake your hand if he were here. So, from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for your tireless work for the veterans of all wars.
Thank you, Thomas.
Please accept this donation on behalf of myself and my mother for all of your help. Thanks sincerely for your kindness and patience. If we ever receive any additional financial aid, I will send another donation. My mother’s expenses are costly, and every little bit helps.
With sincere and genuine gratitude, Paula.
Enclosed is the information you wanted in our last phonecall. I’d like to thank you for all the help your organization has given me. It surely was a great help. You are truly “Angels.”
Thank you so much, Joseph.
Hurray! Your organization is awesome. My Mom got her first check yesterday. She is so excited. Thank you and your staff, her advocate and anyone else that helped to make this process go so smoothly.
Thanks, Barb B.
Please accept this donation of $521.00 on behalf of my mother and myself in memory of my father. My mother would have never received her veteran’s benefits were it not for your outreach and assistance in the application process. These benefits ensure that my mother will receive the level of care that she now requires and deserves. The financial obligations of my wife and myself to our parents and our children are also much more manageable. Thank you for your commitment to this worthy cause. I am certain that there are many other families that share my admiration and appreciate for your efforts.
Sincerely, William K.
Dearest Stephen and Linda Stone: My personal thanks to you both for helping me to accomplish receiving my father’s veterans benefits which helped tremendously in his long-term care. My father passed away sooner than I had expected but thanks to the both of you, we were able to have a very nice funeral. I’d like to donate before his bills take what is left. Thank you again. You are both definitely Veterans Angels!
Linda S. and Family
Dear Veterans Angels: God Bless You All for the good work you do to help our needy.
Sincerely, Elizabeth.
Stephen and Linda: Just a small donation to say thanks so much for your invaluable information and help on something that is going to be a big help for Mom’s care. I continue to share your organization with those I know who might qualify. It was a nice surprise to find 2 months of retro benefits in her bank account.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Jeanne B.
Dear Linda, Stephen, and Karen: Please accept my sincere appreciation for all the good work you guys do. I am enclosing a little donation for the sincere work you do for our veterans. I wish everybody had the same outlook.
Sincerely, David R.
Yes, you are an “Angel” and I Thank You. Obviously our claim to the VA was accepted and it has done wonders for us. My mother is 98 and will be 99 in February. She is doing wonderful but no one plans on living this long and having the economy changing so much in their life time. No one saves enough for that. This has given us the security of a wonderful caring person to look in on my Mom when I am at work. Enclosed is a donation of $250.00 to help continue with your wonderful work. We hope this will assist in helping another person as you did us. It isn’t much for everything you have done, but hope it helps. I do believe you will be blessed by your great contribution to mankind. We “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts and will pray for you always.
Sincerely, Pat M.
Thank you so much for your prompt acknowledgement of my Mom’s Pre-Qualification Form. You have given me hope and on her behalf I thank you. What a wonderful organization and a beautiful way to honor this country’s veterans-by caring for their surviving spouses.
Blessings, Brenda P.
Linda and Steve: Just wanted to let you know my mother’s application for assistance was approved last week and the funds were in my account (for her) the next day back to March 1. Thank you so much for your assistance…..it’s truly appreciated.
Linda J.
Veterans Angels: I truly would like to thank you for all of your help with my application for benefits with the VA. Stephen and Linda Stone are truly “Angels” and have no idea of how much they have helped my situation. Both Stephen and Linda were very professional and understanding and went out of their way to answer all questions I had. I would highly recommend their services anyone in need of assistance.
Sincerely, Jill L.